Egypt Day 14

14 days into the uprising and now the important stuff is coming. negotiation have begun but how to negotiate with a police state? The extent of the complicity with the regime around the world is becoming clearer. The role of the oligarchs and their kleptocracy, using Egypt as a personal bank account, is also revealed.

I do have a connection to Egypt; I liked it very much went I was there is 2000-01 to participate in an art festival. But maybe even more is my, let us say, reawakening of some kind of belief in human beings to change their reality. It’s amazing: they have been so crushed for well over 30 years and they rise up not as a chaos but as a real  civilisation… it’s impressive. The accretion of jaded cynicism that calcified my ideals is cracking; I think! I started to recall why I was a student of history in the first place, and why I think art has power to be an assistant in change. So, a lot of thoughts! I’m also impressed by how western media companies like Google and twitter etc. have played a part in facilitating media to come out of Egypt.



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