the fashionable dictator

I’m atonished that so many female journalists resort to criticising the  dictator’s wife for material over-indulgence and lack of compassion … … instead of writing some actual political analysis of what dictatorship actually involves and the networks that support it.

I can’t beelive the column inches I have seen excoriating Mme Assad for her love of Louboutins, by female and often self confessed “feminist” writers.

I know that “feminism” has been redefined to include everything from championing Madonna, to the wonderful “empowerment” brought on by having one’s breasts inflated., but really…


Geopolitics and the existence of dictatorhsip is a complex and fascinating subject. Not one writer, male or female, has bothered to discuss Syria in terms of how it suffered from colonialism in that shameful period called the “Mandates” when France took Syria, and Britain took Palestine, as a “settlement” using that lovely warm and fuzzy word “protectorate” – following their evisceration and outright theft of the Ottoman Empire. (San Remo Conference).

Even today journalists, and even historians, neglect San Remo as the architecture of the modern world, more than eany other settlemnt. Much more than the Versailles treaty, which merely continued the tit-for-tatting that Europeans had been doing since the 18thC. A story crying out to be written. In fact, the hurt cry “why can’t ‘they’ trust ‘the west’? is often uttered by journalists. Are these media professionals so ignorant of their own history? Trust has to be earned and frankly “we” haven’t earned it yet.

But if you can get paid by your newspaper to write about the Louboutins, go ahead, it’s easier than doing any real work.

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