Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel, by Musa Okwonga

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Mandela will never, ever be your minstrel., by Musa Okwonga

following up to my post about Nelson Mandela – I love this article by Musa Okwonga who takes a clear headed and non sentimental view of things.

The other day on Facebook I too exception to those who felt the need to point out that “Mandela was racist” – there are some stupid far right websites that have concocted this lie in order to push their filthy agendas. Okwonga is the perfect riposte to this: Mandela was angry – and had a right to be; Mandela was a fighter – because something as bad as apartheid and the whole global mind set that is emerges from (colonialism!!!) needs to be fought, not cuddled; Mandela was a pragmatist and a strategist. [1]

Mandela was not a saint;  that would have been creepy. He was a man, among many, who knew they had to fight for freedom and justice In doing so he liberated the minds of so many., But as Okwonga points out, there are many more steps to take. The fight for social justice continues.

I don’t agree with Okwonga that capitalism is race based. The rich are getting richer and the poor are not; but I don’t thing that capitalism is racist, I just think that wealth seeks to preserve and perpetuate itself and to do that it has to deny its benefits to most of us. Fanon points out that the postcolonial elites are not going to be any better than the colonial elites, and so it has proved. It’s the concept of the elites themselves, hoarding the wealth and passing it amongst themselves, that counts.

Today the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that almost 13 million Britons are now living in poverty, having suffered a “sustained” and “unprecedented” fall in their living standards. This means that people with jobs working long and hard, are getting poorer. That myth of “work hard and you will make it” has proved to be hollow in this world where the 1% will not give up their entitlement, but seek instead to enslave us further, no matter our race creed or colur.

In South Africa most of that entitlement is racial, but even if you got rid of the self-entitled white rich they would be replaced by self entitled black rich. It’s the system that has to go.

Let’s not forget, the SA government did not put Mandela in  jail because he was a black activist. The jailed him because they believed he was a Communist. It turned out that he wasn’t.

[1] Okwonga says “You will say that Mandela was about nothing but one love, you will try to reduce him to a lilting reggae tune. “Let’s get together, and feel alright.” Yes, you will do that.” BUT LET US NOT FORGET that reggae music itself is not actually a “sit in the sun get stoned feel good” music. It’s revolution music!!!! Even in his most “touchy feely song” One Love, Marley says “Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armagiddyon” It;’s a call to unit, but to unite and FIGHT.