DIET TIP #1 Regurgitate Breakfast.

This will do the trick. What money can do for YOU. “Banker’s wife to singer [sic]”  Read her inane comments and spew away.

However don’t reread it cos you might spew up lunch and dinner too and then die. I had to follow this up and I watched the video of her ‘song’ which is a whining whinge about how awful ‘men’ are … ‘sung’ in the kind of breathy little voice that untrained minor-talented school choir girls have.

Absolutely an insult to the art form of music and that it’s even  featured in the press shows how CRONYISM is in full swing. Although to be fair there is a faint tang of dry skepticism in this Standard article.

By the way her brother is the cod philosopher Alain de Botton, who is to philosophy what cheez wiz is to fromage. How can one family produce two pastiches? I mean, you’ve got philosophers, and you’ve got singers, but these 2 are neither , just pastiches of each. Weird.

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