‘unavailable’ again (damn it)

I am really wondering – and  not for the first time – what on earth is the point of London having any theater reviews whatsoever. Because by the time the review appears in print, the well reviewed show has long been sold out. Unless you have a membership to a theater organization, you will not even know what the season’s schedule is. Most of us don’t have season tickets were memberships, because they are very expensive.
I will make one exception – I have a season ticket to the fantastic Arcola theater in Dalston, which continually programs excellent theater pieces; last year’s waiting for Godot was a standout. Arcola also do a great deal of outreach work and have built their reputation over the last  decade and a half from the ground up
But to be completely honest, the capital’s principal subsidized theaters are well out of the reach of the majority of the population who are occasional theatergoers, or even possibly potential theatergoers who have not yet taken the opportunity. It is just far too difficult to get tickets for the plays which are considered to be the most excellent.
It is probably not the best way to woo new audiences.