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Welcome to The Art Traveller!

Dr. GILLIAN MCIVER the Art Traveller

I am an art historian, cultural historian and film-maker. I’m the author of three books, two photo-books and am a contributor to several more books. I write about art, cinema and culture, and I give talks.

Since early childhood I have been fascinated by art, history and travel. I’ve been lucky enough – an determined enough – to make that my life’s work.

I consider myself an Art Writer rather than a journalist or a critic.

The Art Traveller’s four basic principles of Art Writing

1. Art writing is a creative practice.

2. Art writing embraces writing as a creative approach toward all aspects of art, including the art object and / or its context.

3. Art writing is not criticism but it can include all forms of art criticism, including that which is experimental and hybrid.

4. In Art Writing, I may engage intensely with the artwork, or it may simply be the starting point for fictional and/or poetic developments.


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  1. Hi Gillian, I have been offered a residency on kronstadt and have been looking for other artists who have been there just to get an idea of what to expect! I hope you will be able to reply. Best wishes Ceri

  2. Hi Gillian, what as nice coincidence.. I went to Cairo Museum of modern art last week to and was surprised that I couldn’t find anything about EMMA KALIY AYYAD too, till this morning when I wanted to start another research I found your article 😉 There must be more…

    Have a great time in travel Michaela

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