An A-Z Of Possible Worlds

I attended the launch of a striking new book An A-Z Of Possible Worlds by A.C. Tillyer, just out now on Roast Books

Actually A.C. Tillyer is Anne Tillyer, a remarkable woman with whom I shared some brilliant adventures travelling to  Russia on not one but two occasions … ( I won’t post any photos of those here)  Anne self-published a (highly collectible!) graphic book, “Bobok,” several years ago, so in a way An A-Z Of Possible Worlds is her second publication. As you can see from the picture below, it’s not just a book it’s a gorgeously-packaged piece of book art.

An A-Z Of Possible Worlds

Some reviews:

– more on the Roast Books web page.

You can buy it from Roast Books, or  Amazon – or order from your local bookstore.  Mine is The Broadway Bookshop