On Writing

I am one of those total lunatics who has decided, without any thought or sense, that I will work in both visual art and writing. This delusion is common to film makers, but what nobody tells you is how fraught it is. Visual art and text are two different things.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some good writing experiences I have been having recently. I attended a talk by Linda Aronson at the Underwire Film Festival (about more anon) . Aronson was so inspirational. She is so down to earth, so honest. She knows what it’s like to write, having been doing it successfully for a long time, yet her views are so fresh and she is so generous-spirited! I needed to hear what she had to say, namely write even a little every day. I keep waiting for that “free time” that never comes. Yes, I have my teaching duties; yes I have my dog and my partner; yes I have my various projects. But I can spend 20 mins a day working on my script! It’s a novella to be made into a script. I am writing the novella as a way to get to know the characters, as it’s a deep character study. What’s it about?  It’s about how politics and war affect all those of us who are not involved in it.

Anyway, Linda Aronson pointed out that actually that “free time” never comes and one had better just make a sliver of time and get cracking.

The second good experience is discovering a new book at the BFI Bookstore called Psychology for Screenwriters by William Indick. This is a terrific book that boils down all that I learned waaaay back in Psych 101 and 201 (thanks, UBC) into a manageableand clear manual for writers (not only screenwriters), artists, cultural commentators etc. Very lucid and intelligent and enjoyable to read. Giving me inspiration!