New year, new projects

We’re getting ready to launch Studio 75 onto the world. It’s an exciting time, setting up a new artist-run space in London, given the atmosphere of the economy and general gloom of the media.  Of course, times like these are very good for art, because it’s when things are tough that only the tough get going. Nazir Tanbouli’s made a fantastic mural for the space’s facade.

The first exhibition of Parallel Project will take place early April at Studio 75, with the launch of the books Tarkovsky’s River(by me!)  and Tevere (by Catia Ott). Following that, we will host the long awaited London show of the touring exhibiton of book art, Prospero’s Library.

And I’m preparing my new film, Project Gagarin: A Cold War Nostalgia. The first phase of this was a video art piece, now I will shoot interviews. Eventually there will be an installation and a single channel film.