Bernard Rose, Cinema and literature

I just wanted to say a brief word about the auteur film-maker Bernard Rose. I just saw  film THE KREUZER SONATA, an adaptation of the novella by Tolstoy. I was so impressed by the work: a really authentic rendering of a great literary work into a great film. Looking over Rose’s filmography I realise just how innovative and important he is. Making satisfying, intelligent, deeply entertaining yet provocative films. When people say “whatever happened to great British cinema?” somehow Rose’s name doesn’t come up. I don’t know the guy, maybe he’s too self-effacing  to blow his horn and insist on being hailed as Number One Brit director, but to my mind he’s the most exciting British director working today.

I say this because, as a person who’s spent their whole life half buried in books; who loves literature with a held passion; who is unashamed to having literary leanings and having opinions about it – I say that Rose’s adaptation  is the best literature-into-film attempts I have ever seen.

I’ve been writing adaptations myself over the past while; not produced any films of them yet, have written a few scripts with a view to eventually doing so. But now I’m going to go back and look at them again, after seeing what Rose has done with Tolstoy.

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