happy anniversary Egypt

A year ago I was gripped by events in Egypt as the hitherto cowed population braved a brutal police force and took to the streets in vast numbers, demanding change.

Since that time, much has changed and much has not. Egyptians have not yet got the government they dream of (nor have we, but that is another story) but they have fully won one important victory – perhaps the most important one. They have conquered fear.

And so I want to commemorate today as the day we – and by this I mean humanity – can see that we can be courageous and selfless. We are not all just about money and status. Egyptians have shown us much in the past 7000 years and just when we could have thought that maybe they were worn out, old and had it, they rose up to show us something new.  New for our generation anyway!

I know the doomladen press wants to concentrate on its doomstories, but for once I say, ignore that. They are just trying to sell us pessimism cos when we feel bad we buy more. Let’s be positive and happy about the fact that, one year on, Egyptians have not let go of their revolution, and continue to inspire.

So, congratulations Egypt.