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It’s all about what you need. I am an independent kind of person and so I dont like to be weighed down with kit or need assistants. I like to be intrepid and spontaneous. I am always looking, and when I see something serendipitous I want it- want it now. I like to be subtle, non-invasive. I like to linger on the edges of the scene, and carefully capture, unobtrusively, the life that’s going on. After years I’ve learned that big heavy camera kit is not for me. Oh sure it’s what I need if I am shooting something very complex and mainstream, but in that case I’ll get a pro DP to shoot that, someone with mounds of kit and a few assistants and I’ll direct them. But I also self shoot and that’s where new digital tools can really help you out.

I just took possession of a small, almost toylike camera, the Pentax Q. I wasn’t sure if it would be of any use to me but I wanted something that was ultra portable so I could work on my street photography BUT I wanted something that would shoot hi-res video as well. The smallest thing I could find that fit the bill was the Pentax Q so I got it and have just road tested it. And it’s astonishing.

Video – the clarity of the image is stunning. I can use the footage in my feature doc I am producing right now. It is great for cutaways and shooting nooks and crannies that a big camera, even a DLSR, would struggle with. As I am using a DSLR as my main film camera these days this is a handy little second camera on a shoot.

screen shot, ungraded etc.

Stills – the camera has an enormous number of clever presets that once I get to grips with them I will use them. It also shoots fully manual. Here you can see some shots I did without using any presets, just shooting on Program mode  and using the exposure adjustment when necessary. It has a a built in ND filter too. I am using the prime lens and I think I’l stick to that but there is a telephoto available.

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Basically this little bijoux camera will be my constant companion; better than a compact but not as powerful as the DSLR. But for a pro it has its place. I won’t be giving up my trusty Canon A1, but that’s another story.


It’s all about keeping the faith: making better images and not flooding the world with easy digital crap.



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