An amazing time was had by all ….

An amazing time was had by all …..

Yes we held a party! And what a party!

for the past 3 months I have been working with artist Nazir Tanbouli to realise his project THE KING’S LAND. It is a site specific mural project – call it graffiti, call it street art, just call it art, even – covering every building in a whole East London housing estate. I have been chasing the proejct with a camera – ably assisted by various friends and colleagues – documenting every brushstroke on every brick.

Now it’s done. It is the biggest street art project by a single artist, in London and possibly in the whole of the UK. The scope is immense.

It is temporary – the buildings will be demolished soon and all we’ll have left is a film and a book (actually, that’s good enough!)

If you can, I urge you get down there and see it. if not, follow the website and blog – link above.