moving house hell

wow I have lived in the same apartment since i was film student and I finally moved.

Moving the stuff was tiring but I was not prepare for the hassle in getting simple things like deliveries and  setting up Internet.

the lack of service ethos of large Brit companies is staggering. I have already cancelled one Internet provider (the hopeless BT) yet their incompetence is preventing a new provider from implementing my service I had to fork out £30 for a dongle just to keep working.

meanwhile the TV I bought from one of the UK’s biggest upmarket dept stores is still in limbo cos apparently they do deliveries only once a week IN LONDON. That’s right, in London, not the Outer Hebrides. Assuming I do get it next Tuesday that will be 2 weeks of waiting. Yes I could have gone and got it, and brought it home in a  taxi, stupid me … But now I can’t even do that as it lives now in some kind of warehouse fifth dimension ….

well it’s all new, this consuming thing… don’t like it much