New Orleans Thoughts


I wasn’t in the city for long but I managed to take a few photos, see the post below.

What I didn’t photograph was more important: the destruction and damage of Katrina. Seven years alter some NEW ORLEANS is still in bits.
I got the impression people are still traumatized, pissed off – I felt that, for them,  the memory is an open wound unhealed and still sore.

I saw Spike Lee’s film When the Levees broke but i confess i assumed they fixed it all up by now but it’s not true. Plenty of it is fixed up but I saw public housing estates still broken and empty, and the 9th wards there was still much devastation., I met people who realised they will forever live outside of the city and have to come into the city to work or have fun, gradually ties are being loosened and broken…  by a hurricane.

I was only there for a short visit so I did not feel right going around photographing people’s misery. Still, as nice as this golden St Joan is, it’s the memory of the 9th ward that haunts me.

On another note it was the first time in a  long time I have visited the USA and I have to say I really loved it, and in my travels I enjoyed meeting Americans from all over the USA. Here living  in Europe when people ask me if I am American and I say ‘no, Canadian’ they usually say “Oh sorry you must hate that.” I have never hated being taken for an American, it’s no insult.

Canada has just as many jerks per capita as the US and England.