Nazir Tanbouli at Draw to Perform

Here are some [interesting but] totally unrelated photos that WP decided to serve up. Actually I was trying to reblog Nazir Tanbouli’s blog post cos it’s got my photos of his performance on it.

Photography by Gillian McIver

Nazir Tanbouli


Here are the photos of my performance The Water Mill at the Draw to Perform event curated by Ram Samocha, December 2013 at Performance Space London. The  ‘Draw to Perform’ symposium explored the connection between performance and drawing and the relevance of drawing as a modern medium. The aim was to promote the growing stream of live drawing, to distinguish it as a unique entity and allow it to rise from the eclectic, wider definition of ‘performance’. All the work presented in the 3 day event is fundamentally concerned with drawing, as drawing connects elements of line, movement, space and time.

Nazir Tanbouli, assisted by Randa Magdi Aboubakr

Drawing performance group

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