I set up a VIMEO channel for a particular subgenre of  films I very much like, “city” films


It’s got some of my films on it and links to others.

Since its inception, cinema has engaged with the phenomenon of the modern city and the varied experience of urban life. Even the earliest films manage to show the freedom and energy of the city, such as Dziga Vertov’s ‘Man with a Movie Camera’. Cinema has also captured the city’s liminal zones, urban decay and human anxiety. Through film, we can follow each period’s key debates around architecture, urban planning and globalization.
This channel was create din the spirit of László Moholy-Nagy’s great unrealised film Dynamic of the Metropolis | (Sketch for a film) – 1921/1922
Moholy-Nagy’s ‘Gross-Stadt Zigeuner’ 1932 and ‘Impressionen vom alten Marseiller Hafen (Vieux Port)’ 1929 are also key moments in the “city film:” slices of life seen through the camera’s eye.
[NB: Moholy-Nagy’s films are FINALLY AVAILABLE –
Other significant city films of the silent era include “À propos de Nice” by Jean Vigo and “Études sur Paris” by André Sauvage and the stunning “Berlin Symphony of a Great City” by Walther Ruttmann.
Later narrative films also embody the “city film” ethos – Jim Jarmusch’s early “Permanent Vacation” is one example. Need I mention the brilliant Julian Temple’s “Detroit Requiem” and “London the Modern Babylon”, or St Etienne’s “Finisterre.”
The purpose of this channel is to collect and showcase “city films” as part of my ongoing research and development of this peculiar and particular film sub-genre.