Art History for Film Makers, and more

My book Art History for Film Makers will be out in March 2016, published by Bloomsbury Press.

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The book is the first ever survey of the complex relationship between visual art from earliest times (80,000 BC)  and cinema, which is just over 120 years old. The book covers European, Hollywood and world cinema, and significant points in western visual art, with some discussion of non-Western art. It is richly illustrated with both paintings and film stills.

I’m very happy it’s complete, and I enjoyed researching and writing it. SO much so that I’ve begun a new book! This time I received a substantial research grant to help me out. The new book is about the relationship of cinema and visual art and the way they represent history.

Therefore this blog will follow the course of this research, and my experiences as a (now) professional researcher.

However I am sure I’ll still find space to rant about other stuff too 😉


above, photo Bird; Dutch Antilles  ©GillianMcIver2015