horror show

I walk down the Strand and I find people wrapped in sleeping bags and blankets, invisible and unwanted. I’m already so cold I want to cry, yet I have a house to go home to. I hurry home, angry at what I’ve seen but I don’t know what to do.
I get home and turn on the TV and I see hundreds, thousands maybe even millions, huddling in the open air, with nowhere to go, unwanted and reviled.
Then I see well-fed shiny faced people come on TV and slander these people as terrorists, ‘economic migrants’ (a recently made-up term of extreme perniciousness) and warn us of their dangerousness. Apparently I will never be raped unless I come into contact with one of them. Apparently I will always have a good job unless ‘they’ dare to arrive. Apparently ‘they’ strain my housing and health care.

Why housing and health care should be so rationed is never explained.

Society is sick, and we are part of this vile disease.

am I the only one who is horrified?

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