The Artist’s Life: Glenn Ibbitson

“rather than direct individual funding, I would rather see public money used to maintain our galleries, art centres and libraries as these are the cradles for our future creatives.
Increased respect for art departments within our school structures might give future generations the confidence to judge art without waiting for validation from critics who only travel beyond the M25 to attend the Venice Biennale…”

I could not agree more.


Glenn Ibbitson works from his studio in Wales, having enjoyed a long career as a scenic artist for television, film and theatre. His primary focus is the human figure and his art explores contradictions, using visual trickery to create works of great impact.

ART BLOG caught up with Glenn following the recent Friends Exhibition and Portrait Prize…

Can you tell us first about your career in television and how it informs your art?

My scenic art training was the postgraduate course I never took. It influenced my art in two specific ways.

First, it made me work to deadlines: I no longer had the time to agonise over the exact placement of every brushstroke when confronted by a 5x8metre canvas which had to be completed in three days. Experiencing the real world of labour was pivotal for my development.

Second, and more significantly, it gave me access to a rich…

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