Art Travelling – Leake Street, London

Under Waterloo Train Station in London runs a small street that is completely covered by the station, Leake Street. Leading off Leake Street are the vaults that run for miles underground.

About ten years ago the vaults opened up as a space for bars, performance and theatre and all kinds of activities. The Leake Street Tunnel was inaugurated by Banksy as a graffiti ‘free-zone’ where artists from around the world come to paint.

Needless to say, it’s a really cool place! We walked through the tunnel yesterday after a show at the nearby National Theatre, to see the new street art (it changes daily!) and ran into the members of the Mayan performance group Ritual Maya @Ritual Maya, a performance group making traditional Mayan music and dance, on their world tour. They were kind enough to allow us to take pictures.

The performance group Ritual Maya, at Leake Street,  with my friend Lorena


Ritual Maya, performance group



If you visit London you can get to Leake Street easily by walking down York St or Lower Marsh as you exit Waterloo station. Tip: inside the tunnel there is an entrance to Mamuska, fantastic Polish restaurant – you want to go there, trust me.