Art Travelling: film festival in Poland

I’m at the Camerimage Film Festival of Cinematography in Torun, Poland.Last night, when I arrived, I went to see two fascinating documentaries. The first, The Midnight Family, was about a private ambulance service in Mexico City. The Filmmakers rode along with the paramedics, capturing the challenge and frustration of the job and the precarity of the position. An eye opener.Still more harrowing was Katka, an in- depth portrait, made over more than a decade, of a young woman drug addict. I share the filmmaker’s (stated) lack of understanding as to what people get out of drug-taking. Helen Trestikova’s film – made over the years with a variety of cinematographers – explores this and, while it can’t really answer such a subjective question, is an empathetic and non judgemental intimate picture of a person most of us will simply turn away from in disgust. Very sad. At the end, the audience sat in the dark in total, shocked silence.Afterwards, I had a wander through Torun’s medieval streets. I’ll post some photos of it. Today it’s raining hard; a good excuse to sit all day in the cinema.