Art Travelling is Back!


My purpose in setting up this blog is really to share my travels in art and cinema, share places I go, artworks I look at and – occasionally – films which really stand out as having particular artistic merit or relevance.

Writing the blog is really fun and interesting, and I had huge plans to spend the whole year Art Travelling after I completed my PhD in January.

So it was a massive disappointment to me when coronavirus meant that not only could I not visit exhibitions and share them with you, but I couldn’t really leave my house at all.

I did think about just writing some film reviews but somehow I just haven’t really felt like it. Although I am getting ready to post my favourite Coronavirus Lockdown Art Movies which I’ve been working away out over the last few months.

I haven’t been idle! As well as sending my new book proposal off to the publisher, completing the final stages of my PhD (yes I’m a doctor now) and preparing a new chapter for an edited collection, I’ve also read quite a few books and enjoyed a number of pleasant walks around an eerily quiet London.*

Anyway, the good news is that London’s museums and art spaces are slowly starting to reopen and I have a ticket booked for next week to the National Gallery to see – wait for it – the Titian exhibition.

I’m about to start writing a secretly monumental piece of work about Titian. So this will only be the first of my visits to this show, but I really can’t wait. And I promise I’m going to share it with you, so stay tuned for Titian: Love, Desire, Death and my tour of the National Gallery After Coronavirus.


*You can see a lot of that on my Instagram THE ART TRAVELLER