The Art Traveller in Luxor, first impressions

I got off the sleeper train at about 6 this morning and I walked along a deserted main road to my hotel. Even though it was so early there were a few taxi drivers trying to offer me a lift but I knew the walk to the hotel wasn’t very far and I really needed to stretch my legs.

Luxor Nile sunset

This is my first ever trip to Luxor; I’ve been in Egypt for a while now so I’m kind of used to the street life and things like that but it was very strange to see an Egyptian Street totally quiet very early in the morning. I really liked it. My hotel is amazing and I will be blogging seriously about it but I’ve only just got here.

Local neighbourhood

The first thing I did, other than have a little sleep, was to go out have a walk along the Nile Corniche, basically along the promenade on the East Bank Of The Nile over to the Luxor temple. This is the great temple built by Amunhotep and Ramses II. From Luxor temple, via long line of sphinxes, is the Karnak temple which I’ll go to on Sunday.

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple

The temple is absolutely amazing and so I’ve included some images of it here but I’ve taken a lot more pictures. After that I took a horse and carriage ride around the modern part of the town to see the ordinary life. I picked up a few souvenirs for friends; even though souvenir shopping isn’t really my thing I did want to get a couple of things for close friends. Then I went and I splurged massively on a fantastic ring. I know, I know! But sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right?