dogs in art – and a cat

I was at the National Gallery yesterday to see the Kehinde Wiley exhibition – which is the subject of another post as I am still processing what I saw there.

Afterwards, I strolled around the stupendously gorgeous collection, through the magnificent rooms of the National Gallery and spotted, among my favourite paintings (which are like old friends “hello there, Claud Lorrain, hail my good Titian, nice to see you again Velasquez …”), adorable dogs. I’m a dog owner and a great fan of the beasts. I grew up with dogs and always feel better if there are dogs in my life. So I took great pleasure in finding the creatures painted with such skill, depicted in their rightful place next to their owners.

Here is Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘Portrait of the Artist with his Wife and Daughter’ and of course their cute brown and white dog.

I was just looking at the dogs and for the most part didn’t record the full painting or the artists’ names but most of them are English. I did spot one cat though, in a group portrait by William Hogarth:

this one is my favourite though. I just know she is very spoiled and cheeky!