Punk Attitude is Always Necessary!

‘Tory Scum’

Today’s news is beyond depressing, Not just the stuff we don’t have any direct ‘control’ over, like the weather, climate change, war in Ukraine and the rest of the world. It’s news closer to home, the stuff that directly concerns us, that’s so overwhelmingly bleak.

Lack of social care, unfair taxes, corruption, lying and venality by our so-called leaders, child poverty – oh, you name it!

A while ago, an Opposition minister uttered ‘Tory Scum’ in Parliament and was criticised. But the expression is of noble origin, as it was uttered many times in the long and incomplete march to freedom and justice for the non-ultra-privileged classes (that is, 99% of us).

And so we have the new Punk warrior band PerFect C#nts in the forefront of reprising this magickal phrase in the form of a blasting new punk single. You won’t know how much you need it till you hear it!

 Like necromancers, they shout, roar, growl and intone the phrase over and over on an incredibly  raunchy and urgent new single called, of course, Tory Scum. It’s pretty exhilarating, raw and real punk.

I recommend you treat the song like an incantation. If we all play it loud enough and sing along to it often enough, it just might work. Scum is admittedly hard to get rid of, but eventually, it goes away. Use PerFect C#nts like an abrasive cleaner to scrape out the scum from our lives.

Check the video! Tory Scum

PerFect C#nts

Who are the PerFect C#nts? Mark Charles (from Mark Charles &The White Reflectors reviewed here, great album and Gobsausage), and Natalya Darkstar from PURE, have joined forces to create a monster that is PerFect C#nTs. Their first release TORY SCUM resonates, irritates and infiltrates. Play it loud and spread it wide. Punk Lives! It’s the only attitude that works.*

Buy the single here

*even if you don’t like Punk, give it a listen. You may be won over by the sheer rage and ebullience.