happy new year

Final thoughts about 2011

What inspired me the most?

Documentary film: hands down the best doc I saw was Wasteland by Lucy Walker, a film about an artwork by Vik Muniz and how the work touched the lives of dispossessed people in Brazil. Brilliant, moving and empathetic.

Brain – blast: that would have to be a film called Fantasia by a mysterious person or collective (?) called Cosmotropia de Xam. It is amazing, really mind boggling – 45 minutes of brain blast. It’s rare to find a film about the subjective experience of hallucination but this one works.

Literary adaptation: that has to be Maldoror, which I blogged about earlier this year https://gmc1ver.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/maldoror-the-neglected-masterpiece/

I was also really impressed with von Trier’s Melancholia. And How to Re-establish a Vodka Empire by my friend Dan Edelsteyn.

In literature, I enjoyed Giuseppe de Lampedusa’s novel The Leopard the most of all the books I read.

Art exhibitions: Nam June Paik, Miro, Pipilotti Rist, Magritte …

looking forward to another year of creativity and inspiration!