new year, new ideas, new stuff – recommended

New year’s present to all of us: the racist murderers of young Stephen Lawrence finally went to jail, after 18 years! Of course at least one of them as already in jail, serving a current sentence. Toerags. The heart aches for Stephen’s parents and family, to spend 18 years trying to get a conviction, living with it every day. I for one can only feel admiration for their determination to seek justice rather than living quietly with grief. May their strength inspire a more just society.


hanging out in the studio, a crazy collage

A couple of things I want to recommend: Tacita Dean’s film installation at Tate Modern

follow Studio75London on twitter. That’s our studio, giving news views and a daily piece of art.

follow Nazir Tanbouli’s blog.  he’s doing a really interesting new thing, blogging the very last drawings he does every night before he sleeps.

follow CINEMANIA my own blog which is devoted solely to cinema. Well it was meant to be, meant to be a place where I could quickly blog up my thumbs up and thumbs downs, as well as put in links for film related articles etc. But the year got off to sharp start when I found myself blogging flagrant instances of race and bigotry in mainstream cinema. I would not say I am the most politically correct person, but crikey it’s pretty bad out there. What are the film and TV people thinking? I’m angry.

I’ve decided to use a Sony Alpha as a video camera now; a smaller version of the A77 (more or less a Canon 600D but with a fab screen) it takes my Sony DSLR lenses and so far my test shots look great. Haven’t really used it for anything yet. I dont want to puff a product but I have relied on Sony’s cameras and camcorders since my very first, and have been really pleased, esp with the lenses.