Jeremy Deller


I don’t really have time to write about this right now but if I don’t make a start I’ll never do it – I want to say how much I liked Jeremy Deller’s show at Hayward Gallery.


It featured a real working replica cafe (replica of an actual cafe) that served real, free cups of tea. How wonderful in the middle of an exhibition!


and these superb banners. (pics by me, from the phone; all rights Jeremy Deller, obviously)

But I cried at the installation “It is what it is.” A burned, bombed, ruined car brought from Iraq, juxtaposed against 2 maps. One of the UK with all the place names replaced names of places in Iraq. And the other of Iraq with the places repaced by English names. Simple, but not easy. Poignant. Infuriating. Sad. Tragic, Terrifying. I wept. I was embarrassed to weep in the middle of an art gallery and I hid my face in a room showing a beautiful 3D film of bats. Redemption of sorts, the power of nature in all its mystery.

I’ll go again.

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