fun and games?

It’s strange, we keep getting told that the 2012 London Olympic games is about the happen and in my locality as well (east London) yet there is nary a sign of it anywhere in London. I got out and I dont see anyone wearing Olympics t-shirts (I dont even know where to buy one and what it might cost), Olympics stickers, flags or anything. I do know there are some hardcore regulations around using the logo and the catchphrases (whatever they are) but it just seems weird for it to be so not visible.

I mean, I’ve got Vancouver 2012 Winter Olympics mittens and my mother has all kinds of 2010 stuffed toy type things. But I havent even seen any.

It may be that it’s all about to arrive in a few months, but we should be getting excited now. Yet there’s no sign.

It all feels very abstract. I’m probably just gonna go on holiday.