unanswered questions


I have been without internet for  a month, except on my phone which is too basic to bother with blogging or anything other than the basics. It showed me that life in today’s Britain is highly dependent upon everyone having Internet as most services and info is delivered that way, and most human communication too.  Probably not a good thing, but until I finally get to move to that Greek Island I dream of, it’s what I have to deal with.

Anyway despite being busy with moving I did have time to think and ruminate and I have come up with a few niggling questions that have popped into my head over the past month. I’ll post them here, and I will add to them so this post is actually a live feed, for now.

here goes:

Why are THE CLASH’s lyrics still utterly timely and not dated at all?


Why is Patti Smith still the greatest feminist, and feminine, icon alive?


Why is Patti not in fact an icon at all, but a living breathing artist of the highest type?


Why are there 11 spoons of refined sugar in a can of Coke whereas nobody would EVER put 11 spoons of sugar in any drink they made themselves (e.g. lemonade, tea, coffee)?


Why was a homeless man left to freeze to death outside a boarded up house that he was earlier prevented from sheltering in, duing one of the worst winters in recent history?


Why did Ang Lee get an Oscar for Life of Pi (awful) and not for Lust, Caution (awesome)?


Why do we preach the virtues of the free market, yet instead practice an economics dominated utterly by oligarchs, xenophobes and kleptocrats?


How come the kids who rioted and stole shoes in summer 2011 got jail time, and the bankers who stole their (our) future got bonuses?


Why is every useful store closing and being replaced by a restaurant? How much eating out do we really need to do?


Why did they tell us that our abuse of the environment will result in something called “global warming?” Everybody in the northern part of the globe (the rich exploiting part) privately though “YEAH!” dreaming of the sunny Mediterraneanization of the Outer Hebrides. Now however, as we shudder in the cold, we realise scientists ought to have said “Messing the environment will result in REALY BAD WEATHER ALL THE TIME.”


How come what started out as a light-hearted list has got so political? Am I angry?