Guys, it’s not all about money!!!! Not always. Really.
Honestly, if you put something out there with honesty and love, you get it 10 times back.


To all,
A couple of weeks ago I noticed a blog that mentioned my noentryfeefestivals site. In referencing my blog, I couldn’t help but hear a hint of… ? well, I am not sure. I was left with the odd message that filmmakers should support festivals that charge them to submit their work, unless, of course, they are broke.

Here is the quote from Bob’s blog at Binary Recording Studio: “No Entry Fee Film Festivals: I support film festivals charging to submit your film. Why?  I have been involved in running a film festival and they cost money to put on, there is no way around it.  But if you have spent all your money on making the film and you want to get it out there, here are some that can get you started.”

My response: I keep this blog, facebook and twitter because I am amazed by…

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